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About Us
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Our Mission & Vision
Our mission
To create a harmonious cooperation between producers of goods and consumers with the intent to present opportunities for businesses and individuals that may be deemed as a financial achievement and business expansion.

Our vision
We offer a genuine opportunity to change and impact your lives forever by having the finest health products, cutting edge business system and the most generous compensation plan the industry has ever seen.

We have an incredible, young and enterprising corporate leadership team that displays some of the greatest innovative ideas in an industry that are committed to your success by staying on the cutting edge. Recognizing that conducting businesses online is the way of the future, we leverage heavily on the use of Internet technology to deliver the best services, products and support. In this matter, we had partnered with a local MSC status company to provide sophisticated systems online.

Since its inception, I-Linkage has gained a reputation for continually seeking out and understanding people's needs and responding with products and business systems designed for their long-term success.

The product that makes I-Linkage to become an industry giant is our flagship anti-aging range of products, Bio Spray. It is a revolutionary product that stimulates the engineering of the body changes, metabolism, and brain activities and disintegration activity. The cumulative effect is to reverse aging and regain youthfulness, both physically and mentally.

All of our products have been researched and developed specifically with efficacy and safety in mind. I-Linkage demands quality from start to finish. We ensure that they are formulated with only the finest ingredients. Our products have endorsements from health care professionals and recognized health authorities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This is indeed a great testament to the effectiveness and safety of our products.

With its revolutionary business concept, today, the I-Linkage network spans across the Asia-Pacific region. Through our subsidiary and associate offices in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh and India, I-Linkage offers an opportunity that no one should miss. Explore the amazing world of I-Linkage and take the chance to create a difference for yourself. Thousands of people who joined the I-Linkage family had already achieved their dreams of living a healthier life and also be financially independent. Why not give yourself a chance?

Success is something everyone should have and enjoy. At I-Linkage, we believe in creating that success.

We are committed to be your partners in business.